About Us

It all started in 2015.

At the age of 22, Giuliano Elio PAVONE, passionate about the art of haute couture for men, made his first trip to Florence to discover the largest professional fashion fair, Pitti Uomo.

This event brings together the biggest brands, tailors, designers and creators.


A Dream was born. Dressing the mens for the sake of classic menswear.

Self-taught, Giuliano observed and perfected his knowledge of the art of tailoring over six vigorous years.

In 2021, "Elio Pavone service" was born on the French Riviera, offering an extremely qualitative tailor-made service.

Then in 2022,

We collaborate with houses renowned for their magnificent artisanal products, sharing a philosophy of passion for craftsmanship.

And one of them is part of a major partnership, the custom shoe with its 3D software from our faithful shoemaker house in the South of Spain.

The Elio Pavone premium shoe, of a quality unique in the world, was born to complement our bespoke suit serivce.