Lara Gautier for Elio Pavone

The story of the “Lara Gautier for Elio Pavone” collection begins with a significant meeting. During an event, Giuliano Pavone, renowned for his expertise and passion for sartorial style, meets Lara.

Their exchange, rich and stimulating, becomes the catalyst for a creative collaboration. Driven by a deep desire for creation and learning, Lara decides to embark on this exhilarating adventure.

A Family Inspiration

Since her childhood, leafing through family albums, Lara has always been impressed by the elegance of her grandmothers.

They knew how to vary their outfits with timeless grace, despite a limited choice of clothing. Their minimalism, favoring quality over quantity, had a profound impact on Lara.

She regrets that this philosophy is rare these days, although it is starting to regain popularity. This timeless simplicity and elegance inspired Lara to create her own clothing line.

“For me, it was essential to partner with a brand capable of combining premium quality and reasonable prices, in perfect harmony with the quality offered.”

A Harmony between Tradition and Modernity

Together, Lara and Giuliano have designed a collection that embodies a perfect harmony between traditional know-how and accessible modernity.

The pieces in this collection are designed to be timeless, integrating easily into any wardrobe and becoming the foundations of a unique and distinctive style.

The materials used are noble, each garment is fitted to perfection and customizable according to the preferred fabrics, guaranteeing lasting elegance.

A Commitment to Quality

Lara invested in this adventure with the conviction that sartorial style gives birth to timeless pieces. She also wanted to evolve in an environment where quality and listening to customers' desires in terms of style are essential. “Lara Gautier for Elio Pavone” reflects this commitment, offering clothing designed to last and allowing everyone to develop a unique style, marked by timeless elegance and class.

Discover "Lara Gautier for Elio Pavone", a clothing line that celebrates quality, timelessness and passion for sartorial art.