frequently asked Questions

**Shipping and Handling**

**Which countries do you deliver to?**

We ship worldwide via UPS and DHL, however, some regions and territories may not be covered. Please refer to the order form for a complete list of available destination countries and territories.

**What are the associated shipping costs?**

Shipping costs associated with an order are calculated and displayed at final checkout (before payment) and are based on the volume of items shipped and your shipping destination. Rates are obtained in real time via an API.

**Can I track the status of my orders?**

Yes, after order production we will send you an email with full shipping details and tracking number.

**What is the delivery delay ?**

Once the order is ready to ship, we typically package and process the shipment within 24-48 hours. Your order will be shipped from our factories in Spain. Delivery time depends on your delivery address. The majority of orders are delivered in approximately 1-4 days.

**Who pays customs duties and import taxes?**

The recipient is fully responsible for any customs duties charged by the customs agency of the destination country. In 99% of cases, as the tax is already paid when ordering from our online store, no additional fees will be required. Be vigilant about online scams.

**Support & Contact**

**How ​​can I contact you?**

By email to "" or by WhatsApp for any questions. We will respond to you within 24 hours. You can find our telephone number by clicking on the Hamburger menu, then on Contact & support.

**Payment & Billing**

**Which payment methods are accepted?**

Payments can be made by credit or debit card. Accepted cards are Visa, Mastercard and American Express. PayPal is required when using 3D software.

**Why is my card being declined for payment?**

There are several reasons why a transaction may fail, please check the information below and try again:
- Incorrect card data: Try again by entering the exact same information printed on the card.
- Credit/debit limit: some cards have a daily/monthly transaction limit (e.g. 600 EUR) for security reasons. Please contact your bank or try another card.
- Other issues: Using an unsupported card, country of origin mismatch, address verification failure, etc. Please try again with another card.


**What is the standard production lead time?**

Between 3 and 6 weeks, this varies depending on the complexity of the desired garment.

**What happens if an order is delayed?**

We will do our best to meet the stated production time on all MTO (Made-to-Order) orders, however, like any craft production process, our production line may encounter issues beyond our control. We work hard to prevent these issues, but if there are any delays, we promise to notify you by email as soon as possible.

**Can I cancel an order that has been released into production?**

Yes you can, however, depending on the timing of your request, cancellation fees may apply.

**Can I return an order because I don't like it or because I changed my mind?**

Since each of our MTO orders is produced strictly according to customer instructions, returns are not permitted. When confirming your order, you accept our production conditions.