Production informations

What is the standard production time?
Turnaround time for MTO shoe orders is approximately 3 to 5 weeks. FASTLANE is a rapid MTO service, shoe orders is approximately 10 working days. Festivities and holiday periods we stop the production.
What happens if an order is delayed?
We will do our best to fulfill the above production time on all MTO orders, however, as every hand-made production process, our production line is subject to issues which are out of our control.
A broken pair during assembly, for example, forces us to start the manufacturing process from the beginning.
We work hard to prevent issues like the ones mentioned above, however, in the case of a delay, we promise to keep you informed using email as soon as possible.
BFG shall not be liable for any damage or economic loss caused by manufacturing delays or late deliveries, and will not incur in any kind of compensation or discount.
Can I cancel an order that has been launched to production?
Yes you can, however, depending on the timing of your request, you might incur on a cancellation fee.
Can I return an order because I don't like it or because I've changed my mind?
Understandably, each of our MTO orders are produced strictly following customer's instructions, therefore returns are not permitted. During checkout of your order, you agree with our production terms.
Why the color/material of the shoes I received do not look identical to the one displayed on the 3D Tool?
We have tried hard to illustrate our products on the internet with images that are as true to life as possible, both in terms of color and finish. However, the products may still appear in different tones depending on the screen or monitor used to access our online shop, and many other factors. The product images and textures on our interfaces are for visualization only.