Why our fabrics are a big difference?

The fabrics used by a master tailor often differ from those available on the market for several reasons:

1. **Superior Quality** : We select very high quality fabrics to guarantee durable and luxurious clothing. These fabrics are often made from natural fibers like wool, silk, cashmere and linen, and undergo rigorous production processes.

2. **Origin of Fabrics** : Master tailors often source from renowned and specialized fabric manufacturers, often based in Italy, England or France, known for their know-how and tradition in the production of haute couture fabrics.

3. **Exclusivity** : The fabrics used by a master tailor can be specially designed or ordered exclusively. This means that these fabrics are not available in large quantities on the market and are sometimes custom created to meet the specific needs of the tailor or their clients.

4. **Customization** : We often offer the ability to customize fabrics based on customer preferences, whether in terms of color, pattern, texture or finish. This customization adds a unique dimension to the fabric, distinguishing it from those available over the counter.

5. **Superior Finishes** : The fabrics we select undergo high-quality finishes, such as anti-wrinkle treatments, water-repellent finishes, or natural dyes, which improve the look, feel and durability of the fabric .

6. **Attention to Details** : We select fabrics paying close attention to details such as weight, drape, wear resistance and breathability, which ensures that each fabric perfectly meets the requirements of the final garment.

7. **Traditional Innovations and Techniques** : Master tailors often combine traditional techniques and modern innovations in their choice of fabrics, which may include the use of fiber blends to enhance fabric properties or incorporation of new weaving and finishing technologies.

In summary, the fabrics of our master tailors are distinguished by their exceptional quality, their exclusivity, their customization, and the meticulous attention paid to details, thus offering a final product which far exceeds the standards of fabrics available on the market.