Making tailor-made clothing online is becoming more popular, why?

The democratization of online tailoring can be attributed to several factors:

1. **Technological advances** : 3D measurement technologies, personalization algorithms and artificial intelligence make it possible to take precise measurements and personalize clothes online without the need to travel. These technologies make the ordering process more accessible and accurate.

2. **Increased accessibility** : More and more online platforms offer custom tailoring services, making these options more accessible to the general public. The cost of tailor-made clothing online also tends to be more competitive compared to traditional tailors.

3. **Personalization** : Consumers are looking for unique clothing that reflects their personal style. Online services allow for a wide variety of customization options, from fabric choices to sewing styles, which meets this growing demand for customization.

4. **Comfort and convenience** : The ability to order tailor-made clothing from home, without having to travel, is a considerable advantage. Consumers can take their measurements at their own pace, often with detailed guides provided by websites.

5. **Time savings** : The traditional custom tailoring process can be time-consuming, requiring several appointments. Online services make this process simpler and faster, which is attractive to busy consumers.

6. **Development of online commerce** : The rise of online commerce in general has familiarized consumers with purchasing clothing online. Increased confidence in online shopping translates into a greater willingness to try bespoke tailoring services online.

7. **Easy Return** : Many platforms offer flexible return and adjustment policies, reducing the risk for consumers. This encourages customers to try these services without fear of losing their money if the garment doesn't fit perfectly the first time.

8. **Commitment to Sustainability** : Custom tailoring tends to be more sustainable, as it reduces fabric waste and encourages more thoughtful, sustainable purchases. Consumers increasingly aware of the environmental impact of fast fashion are turning to more sustainable options, including tailored clothing.

In sum, the combination of these factors creates a favorable environment for the democratization of tailor-made clothing online, making this option increasingly attractive to a wide range of consumers.